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About us

        Owner Bryan Kohl started working on homes in 2001 in Stillwater, MN.  He built his craft over the years through home remodeling, roof installations and even sold siding, windows and roofs.  He stepped away from this industry for an opportunity to work for Nordstrom for 10 years where he also met his wife.  For the last 16 years they have had the opportunity to live in 6 states, now with 2 daughters and 2 dogs.  During all of this time he was still been buying, fixing and selling homes.  8 years ago he left Nordstrom to get back into the carpentry game. He was buying fixer uppers, building custom furniture and remodeling.  As he moved all around this great country, he met a lot people and kept hearing the same need to get projects finished in their homes.  People wished they had someone to hire for their random projects instead of hiring a contractor who would hire it out and charge thousands to complete small jobs.  Bryan thought, you know what?  I gotta guy for that!  ME!  


Bryan is located in Licking Valley, Ohio and is focusing on smaller jobs and "honey do lists".  He has been a great partner to Real Estate agents to pass pre-inspection, taking care of items called out during inspection or just helping a client out with their punch list before or after closing.  He works with both Corporate and Residential clients.  Now you can say "I GOTTA GUY FOR THAT"!

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